Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hayling Island

We had five lovely days on Hayling Island at the beginning of the month. My parents took their little caravan down to a beautiful caravan park on a creek (of which we had lovely views) and we settled in as quick as can be.
It was just Mr Roadside, Bethany and me, we did make up the little bed for Bethany but to no avail, she spent every night in with us, thankfully the sofas pull out into a very large bed, Bethany does love to spread herself out.
We packed so much into those five days, fishing for things in the creep with her little pink net, all we caught was seaweed but Bethany loved it all the same, fish and chips on the beach, (well we tried to anyway, there was such a breeze coming off the sea we sat a way back to get some shelter) The funfair was a must of course, and even better was the little train down to the funfair. 

We all loved the trip on the train, as you can see from the very happy faces.

 Myself and the rugrat had a trip up the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, Mr Roadside declined on the basis that he is scared of heights (wooseburger) we had  a great time walking on the glass floor and looking down, it was a lovely day so we had wonderful views across the harbour and over to the Isle of Wight.  
 We had a boat trip around the Harbour to see all the ships docked around it, Bethany was so enthralled by it all she promptly fell asleep, so the next stop was for refreshments sitting in a boat is such tiring work.

Bethany then captained a little tug called Ella of her own, she had a rare old time and she didn't sink it once.

We did so much more, bowling, trips to the beach, Pepper Pig World (which was packed to the rafters) walking down the side of the creek, lots of ice creams and eating out. We even had visitors one evening, our neighbours popped down and we all went out for a meal. But the highlight of the whole time was at one of the houses across from us on the creek, there were pirates, honestly they had the Skull and Crossbones flying and we could see them coming and going in their very posh boat. ( and who says crime doesn't pay) Bethany was so excited every time she saw them and told everyone she could see about the pirates.
Next year we hope to take her away again and maybe take our Grandson away with us as well, isn't he a cutie.

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