Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Free Fall

Life has been a little manic of late, there is so much going on that my head is in free fall spin mode, I do wonder if it will actually fly off my neck at some point. Sleep has been a rare thing, and is likely to get even rarer. My shifts at work have been changed, I work nights, I have been doing three nights a week, which is great, lots of free time to do other stuff, even knitting occcasionally. This Sunday afternoon we were informed that we would now be doing four nights a week on a slightly different day rotation, on our second week rotation we will be doing three on, one off and one on, not good for sleeping patterns. I have also just learnt that the Diner / Cafe that my other boss has been trying to buy is a done deal, so I will be working all other hours there, my OH thinks that I am a complete stranger as it is, we kind of say goodbye and hello in the same breath most days. Looking forward to taking over the Diner though, loads of ideas to improve the menu, it needs a bloody good clean, I wouldn't let my dog eat in there as it is now, and he is really not fussy at all.
On the knitting front I still haven't blocked the cushion cover, and I have cast on a lacy scarf for the Grandaughter, pink of course, everything has to be pink, I was going to post a progress picture but the computer says No.
I have booked my tickets for me and Mother to Unravell 2011 at the Farnham Maltings for 26th February, my Birthday present to myself, I hope to find something suitably gorgeous for the Maidenhair Shawl while I am there and I am sure a few other naughties will find their way into my hands as well.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Just Popping In

Firstly I must say a big Thank You to Jan for leaving such a lovely comment, it is great to get some feedback and know that I am not just talking to myself, as much as this blog is my own little journal about knitting and the occasional blah blah blah about not much at all, it is lovely to know that there are other people out there who drop in once in a while. After all if I wanted to keep my life private I would not be talking about it on the internet.
The knitting has been virtually non existent for the last week or so, life has been pretty hectic and has infringed on my knitting time, in a word I have done none at all. The cushion cover is off the needles and waiting to be blocked and sewn together, not my favourite bit of the process.