Sunday, 29 May 2011


 So Granny stripes is finally finished, the border seemed to take forever, but I eventually got there. I sat and watched the TV last night snuggled up beneath it with a very satisfied grin on my face. I have not measured it yet, the tape is in the bedroom and Mr Roadside is still asleep, but it is a little bit longer than me ( I am five eight ) and is as wide as my arm span .
These pictures are not the best, I am crap at photography and the light is not to good outside yet, it is still quite early. The colours are even more vibrant in real life.
In all honesty I would not have chosen these colours to go together, I am much more anal and I would have chosen colours that all toned in together, but I am so glad that I went with Lucy's choice, it is beautiful. I need to made a few matching cushions now, but not yet, I have the magic box to open and I am itching to get it out to play with it.
I tried to keep the colour sequence as random as I could, not easy being as anal as I am with colour, just picking for the next repeat what felt right, I did however undo a couple of repeats because they clashed way too harshly for my over sensitive eyes.
I plan on doing more of these, I know several people that would be enormously pleased to receive one of these, and I may do another for myself at some stage.
Now onto something entirely different, the magic box, as I may have said I have not done any form of sewing since I left school apart from the odd bit of hemming and a couple of rag dolls for the small people over the years. I have an ancient manual Singer up in the loft which hasn't seen the light of day in decades, I inherited it from my nan, and my mums old machine in the airing cupboard which needs some attention. So I treated myself to a new sewing machine a few weeks ago, it is still sealed in it's box waiting for me patiently.
I have of course been shopping around for fabric since I purchased the magic box, so that the minute I got it out of the box I could dive straight in and get going. I have new fabric, the remnant bins have been emptied across West Sussex, and I have been scouring the Charity Shops for treasures.
This is one of the treasures found locally, a bolt of childrens fabric, I would guess from the seventies (correct me if I am wrong). Just over twelve yards (eleven metres in new money) of the most garish, freaky fabric I have ever seen, I love it, it is so naff that you just simply have to fall in love with it.

 What I am going to make with it I have no idea, I think it would give my Grandkids nightmares, especially the clown, he is freaky, and the rocking horse definitely looks like he might have a chainsaw hidden away behind his back ready to cut off the little dolly's head.
There are more treasures awaiting my dubious photography skills, hopefully I will get around to showing you some more soon.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Still Nearly There

All one hundred and ninety-eight ends have been weaved in and I then changed my mind about doing a edging, so I am currently doing an edge. I hope to have it finished by tomorrow night, if I can stay awake that is. If I thought work was busy before, it has gone totally ballistic today and will carry on being that way for at least another week, we are catering for a huge world famous band  and they are very demanding on top of all the other stuff we do. I cannot reveal who they are just yet, we have been sworn to secrecy, but I may let it slip sometime, so stay tuned (if you want to anyway)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nearly There

The Granny Stripe Blanket is almost done, at last, just a few more rounds and a billion and ten ends to sew in but I am nearly there.
Work has been horrific for the last couple of weeks, completely non-stop and I am totally exhausted, even after having this weekend off, I feel like curling up and sleeping for a week, but hey ho life goes on.
Will try to get a few photos up sometime this week of the finished blanket and some rather lovely purchases.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

New Toy

The granny stripe blanket is coming along, it has grown quite alot, still not quick enough, I need to get this finished as quick as I can now.

I treated myself to a new toy yesterday and I am desperate to get it out of it's box and play with it, But I have sworn to myself that I will finish the blanket first. I know that the minute I break the seal on the box I will not be able to control myself.
 I have bought myself a sewing machine, not that I have done any real sewing since I was a schoolgirl, and that is going back more than a few decades. but let me explain, I fancied a trip to Hobby Craft yesterday and they had 20 % off everything, so it would have been silly not to really. Guess I will be going off on a sewing gig now, I have been flicking through my book of Kate Greenaway dolls this afternoon, so I may be running a few of them up in the not to distant future, or something else altogether, who knows what will happen until it does.