Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Poor Forgotten Blog

I could tell you that I have been to busy, that I just haven't had the time to blog, but I would be telling great big porkies. I have been far to lazy, naughty me.
Lots of pictures today.
I got these at a car boot on Sunday.
This was a charity shop find, only the one.
Another charity shop find, I got three of these.
This little set also included the larger sandwich plate as well as the side plate, saucer and teacup of which there are four.
I have had a day of playing with the magic box today, been off work, not the best photo I'm afraid.
A shot of the lining, lovely little mushrooms.
Last but not least, another charity shop find, working and in box with instruction manual, isn't it just lovely, Bethany was very excited when she saw it, shame she is to young. I can just see me and her in the future sitting together whizzing things up with our magic boxes.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pretty Vintage

I have noticed a lot of bloggers and others have been searching out and finding pretty vintage crockery, from car boots, charity shops etc, I have been feeling a little left out, I love stuff like this and while I was doing my usual trawl through the charity shops yesterday I kept my eye out for some pretty bits to fly into my hands, nothing, not a thing, not a bean or even a tea cup and saucer. Oh I saw lots of very nice bits and bobs, but nothing that called my name, I came home feeling quite disappointed.
Now, as most of you know it is Fathers Day today and we had invited my father-in-law around for lunch, and I had a sudden thought as I was laying the table, we had gone to my Mums for dinner last Monday and she had gotten the 'best' china out, when I remarked on this, asking if it was a special occasion I had forgotten all about, she replied 'what was the point in having lovely things that got hidden away in a cupboard and were only bought out and used once or twice a year, why couldn't everyday be a special day'. As usual my Mum is a wise woman, with wise words, and no I did not rush around there and steal her best china, I opened up my dresser and got mine out.

Yes I know, how could I have forgotten about this, I have already got pretty vintage china that has sat all alone in my dresser for about six years, maybe longer. The set belonged to my Gran, she is still alive but suffers from dementia and has been in a lovely care home just around the corner from us for about six years, or maybe longer. When my parents cleared out her house as both they and my Aunt already had 'best china' sets, they thought I might like it.
So today out it came, it was given a bath and set out upon the table, along with some lovely crystal glasses which we do use, (alcohol does not taste the same out of cheap Ikea glasses) I did stop at getting the silver cutlery out though, I was not going to sit there for hours polishing that lot, maybe another day.
Anyway the picture is of one of the diddy coffee cups, the set is by no means complete (so if any of you spy out some Coalport Ming Rose china on your hunts, give me a shout) but it all looked so beautiful set out on the table. My project very soon is to clear off the junk on my dresser and get the china out on display and mostly to use it, as my Mum said, lets make everyday special.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am Home

The South of England show was pretty good for a week off work, spent some quality time with my Mum and really enjoyed flogging cakes, we had another team (Mr Roadside and my Dad) down at the Royal Cornwall Show and each night we would compare takings, I am happy to say we beat their butts each and every day.
Not that I am competitive in any way shape or form !!!!
Granny Blanket had a lovely holiday in the caravan and kept me nice and warm at night, it was seriously cold in the evenings, not freezing or anything, but boy am I pleased that I was not in a tent.
Not much was done on the cot blanket, but I did crochet a hat while I was there, photo to follow another day, cannot be fagged to get it and take photo's tonight, too tired (back at work this week, yuck).
A couple of pictures follow of a some of the pieces of fabric that I have been collecting in the charity shops, just loving fabric of any kind. Catch up with you soon. xxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Off To South of England Show

Yippee, I have a week off work, a whole week. So what am I going to do this week, I am working, yes I am working on my week off. This is good though, I will be selling Mrs Crimbles products at the South of England Show, I get to spend the whole week with my Mum in a little caravan. We have packed lots of goodies, along with lots of books, and a few projects to keep us busy. The Granny Blanket is coming along for the ride as well, just right to snuggle under if it gets chilly.
We will be in the food hall, so if you happen to be going I would love it if you to stopped off and said hello..