Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Poor Forgotten Blog

I could tell you that I have been to busy, that I just haven't had the time to blog, but I would be telling great big porkies. I have been far to lazy, naughty me.
Lots of pictures today.
I got these at a car boot on Sunday.
This was a charity shop find, only the one.
Another charity shop find, I got three of these.
This little set also included the larger sandwich plate as well as the side plate, saucer and teacup of which there are four.
I have had a day of playing with the magic box today, been off work, not the best photo I'm afraid.
A shot of the lining, lovely little mushrooms.
Last but not least, another charity shop find, working and in box with instruction manual, isn't it just lovely, Bethany was very excited when she saw it, shame she is to young. I can just see me and her in the future sitting together whizzing things up with our magic boxes.

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