Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am Home

The South of England show was pretty good for a week off work, spent some quality time with my Mum and really enjoyed flogging cakes, we had another team (Mr Roadside and my Dad) down at the Royal Cornwall Show and each night we would compare takings, I am happy to say we beat their butts each and every day.
Not that I am competitive in any way shape or form !!!!
Granny Blanket had a lovely holiday in the caravan and kept me nice and warm at night, it was seriously cold in the evenings, not freezing or anything, but boy am I pleased that I was not in a tent.
Not much was done on the cot blanket, but I did crochet a hat while I was there, photo to follow another day, cannot be fagged to get it and take photo's tonight, too tired (back at work this week, yuck).
A couple of pictures follow of a some of the pieces of fabric that I have been collecting in the charity shops, just loving fabric of any kind. Catch up with you soon. xxx

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